Isaac (head_93035) wrote,

Back when you were my life you gave me something that I could live for.

Now everything has changed

so whats been goin on lately... mm well all i have been doin is working like crazy. it all i do now. this past week as been one hell of a week meating everyday, 2 big "all hands" meating where i had to set up a bunch of audio stuff by myself cuz the partner is in san diego shooting something. i am so happy i have a weekend off. hell i even have monday off.

thank god i work for the military, so no matter what i have that day off. if you wondering about the pics its a few from this band i really like called The Dreaming. and im planing on going to their show on saturday night. check out their website and if you like them you should call me so you can come!

Sunday im going to try to go to this tattoo convention in Aneheim and find some good designs for my next tat or maybe even get one! who knows... ya im really bored and i wanna hang out with a bunch of friends!!! CALL ME !!!!


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