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11:58am 29/07/2004
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Your kiss is...breath taking
Your hugs are...gentle
Your eyes...light up a day
Your touch is...irresistable
Your smell is...exotic
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Your love is...unique
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08:15am 27/07/2004
Heres some pics of the dreaming show that i was the lighting designer. Credit for the pics goes to She has some aweosme work!!!

If theres is any bands out there looking for some awesome lighting just contact me and ill tell ya what i can do for you!

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09:45am 29/06/2004
  ive been fucked over again! They didnt happen to tell me this when i was hired but i have to wait till im 21 to leave to go work for the cruise line! fuck another oppertunity fucked up because of my age!  
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01:42pm 21/06/2004

So i guess its here! im getting the hell out of here. well its WAY farther than i thought. My home port is going to be in Italy. can you fucking belive that ITALY!! ill be traveling to Italy , Athens, Greece, Rome and hopefuly Dublin and Amsterdam. And i just cant belive they are going to pay me to do what i love. work on lighting! plus pay for my food, drinks and a place to live. CAN IT GET ANY BETTER!!! and im just thinking this is just the next step in my career. once i gte back after a couple years who knows what all that experence will get me! Man i cant wait.
Im gonna miss so many people! You guys are what kept me going and no giving up. I seriously love my friends so much!
ill be leaving i think in about a month once i get all my stuff in order like a physical, passport, sell my car, and a bunch of other stuff. sooo i need to hang out and do something with everyone before i leave! ill be gone for 6 months at a time then back for 6 weeks vacation.
jeez im so damn excited. my life is just doin so awesome and its just gonna get better i just know it i have that fealing!


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Looking Back   
09:26am 18/06/2004
  So today i decided to go thru all of my old posts and see what the hell i have been talking about in this damn thing. well not much i guess at all. ALOT has changed, and thats an understatement. Life is pretty crazy. I did realize how much of a blind idiot i was about a year ago and im totaly over that waste of time in my life. god what was i doing. Im totaly done with all the drama and people that try to cause it, its just a waste of time and effort and doesn't get you anywhere. Im done screwing up my life just to kinda have some fun. Im growing the fuck up. actualy doing something with my life! and for once im actualy proud of my self. hell i have such a great job now making so much cash and i have the opportunity to go out and work for a cruse line doing what i love and getting paid to see thwe world. Its amazing what can happen when you just step back a take a look at everything going on and then plan what you want to happen and not just go day to day. Now im allways asking myself where do i wanna be in 5 years? who do i wanna be? Man if you would have asked me that a year or 2 ago i would have had no idea at all and thats really sad. Now i acctualy know what i wanna do with my life. where i want it to go, and who i want to be a part of it. It took me a while to figure out that i was just screwing up and was hedding in the wrong direction. Hell I didnt wasnt to belive it. I was like oh im young i dont have shit to worry about, its not my problem. But in actuality it is my problem , its my life right and i have to do something about it. and i totaly am.
god im just ranting on
I just wanna say my life is pretty fucking awesome right now. Im sure it could be better. It does kinda suck being single and all but it does have it benefits as well, thats why im not complaining about being single and not trying to find a girlfriend. if its going to happen, and im going to find the right girl, it will happen.
I think what has gotten me thru so much is my friends and family. God i dont know what i would do without them. they have been the only steady thing in my life. I love you guys you all know who you are!

ok ill quit now im sure your bored as hell with this. i just had to talk to someone or i guess a journal... ya


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07:37pm 17/06/2004

01:28am 15/06/2004
  hey heres some pics from kyles 21 b-day thing tonight at midnight.

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11:52am 02/06/2004
  god i hate fuckin stupid drama bitches!  
01:54pm 30/05/2004

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02:55pm 28/05/2004
  one more thing!


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Back when you were my life you gave me something that I could live for.   
01:47pm 28/05/2004
  Now everything has changed

so whats been goin on lately... mm well all i have been doin is working like crazy. it all i do now. this past week as been one hell of a week meating everyday, 2 big "all hands" meating where i had to set up a bunch of audio stuff by myself cuz the partner is in san diego shooting something. i am so happy i have a weekend off. hell i even have monday off.

thank god i work for the military, so no matter what i have that day off. if you wondering about the pics its a few from this band i really like called The Dreaming. and im planing on going to their show on saturday night. check out their website and if you like them you should call me so you can come!

Sunday im going to try to go to this tattoo convention in Aneheim and find some good designs for my next tat or maybe even get one! who knows... ya im really bored and i wanna hang out with a bunch of friends!!! CALL ME !!!!


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08:35am 24/05/2004
  I remember when I was told of story of crushed velvet, candle wax, and dried up flowers. The figure on the bed all dressed up in roses, calling.beckoning to sleep offering a dream. The words were as mystical as purring animals. The circle of rage the ghosts on the stage appeared. The time was so tangible I'll never let it go. Ghost stories handed down, reached secret tunnels below. No one could see me. I fell into yesterday. Our dreams seemed not far away. I want to stay. I fell into fantasy. The girl on the wall always waited for me and she was always smiling. The teenage death boys, the teenage death girls..and everyone was dancing. Nothing could touch us then no one could change us then, and everyone was dancing. Nothing could hurt us then, no one could see us then, and everyone was dancing. Everyone was dancing.  
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01:49pm 17/05/2004
  awesome fuckin weekend. friday went to SB with from satellite to help out and filmed their set. (ill put a song or 2 up if i can find some one that will host them.) Sat i went out saw josie get her tat at the ink house, fuckin rhiley is so bad ass. the we all went to IN & OUT and grubbed down.

And one of the big fuckin things that happened was donald graduated fire academy that was awesome.

sunday went to the beach cuz ash planed an awesome bbq and i got so burned , but oh well i think it was totaly worth it. met some more really awesome people that i hope i will be hanging out with more.

thats all for now niggas hit me up any time im bored at work as usual.

06:09pm 26/04/2004
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06:47pm 22/04/2004

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10:10am 21/04/2004
  so ya its been a long time since i have updated this thing. so what has been goin on lately. for you who dont know im moving back down to oxnard in the next few weeks because i got a great job. i work for the US Navy doing a bunch of AV stuff and filming training videos and setting up video confrences. its a pretty cake job and i pays hella well.
Im also lookin for a good place to live. i know i already can get an apartment but im lookin around to see if there is anyone looking for a roommate becuase it would be cheaper for both of us. so if you have a job and can AFFORD it let me know. i just found this 3 story place on strand for only 1495 a month 2 bedroom, its no a great place but hell its about the same price youd have to pay for a 2 bedroom apt ne way.
SOOO who wants to plan a trip to magic mountain. i havent been there in so long and i drive past it all the time. lets go people like old times ya know!! blah idk what else to talk about. oh ya if you have tryed calling me i kinda canceled my cell phone cuz sprint pissed me off on the phone and i lost it and said i dont want you _____ service ne more and hung up. well needless to say my phone stopped working 5 min later. so im in the process of either getting a new phone thru nextel or getting mine working again. idk ill see what happens.
Oh ya ive been partyin quite a bit lately. i was so drunk this past friday and saturday. i guess i tryed to c-walk drunk and fell on my ass. but this party i went to was fuckin rockin. so many hot chicks and so much beer. i lost count at like 10. it was at this guys house that i had met at a party like a week or two before hes from england and is fuckin cool. i know i met this one chick that night and gave her my # but now i dont have the phone ne more and i dont even remember her name, ill i know is she was fuckin cute, but ya .

im at work right now so maybe i should go do some work huh. me and my boss are about to go pull a prank on the commanding officer of the base and film it... its gonna be great, haha. i miss people lets hang out!!!

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01:19pm 05/04/2004
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02:18pm 04/04/2004


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02:09pm 17/03/2004
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02:55pm 11/03/2004

Are you RACIST?

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