Isaac (head_93035) wrote,

Looking Back

So today i decided to go thru all of my old posts and see what the hell i have been talking about in this damn thing. well not much i guess at all. ALOT has changed, and thats an understatement. Life is pretty crazy. I did realize how much of a blind idiot i was about a year ago and im totaly over that waste of time in my life. god what was i doing. Im totaly done with all the drama and people that try to cause it, its just a waste of time and effort and doesn't get you anywhere. Im done screwing up my life just to kinda have some fun. Im growing the fuck up. actualy doing something with my life! and for once im actualy proud of my self. hell i have such a great job now making so much cash and i have the opportunity to go out and work for a cruse line doing what i love and getting paid to see thwe world. Its amazing what can happen when you just step back a take a look at everything going on and then plan what you want to happen and not just go day to day. Now im allways asking myself where do i wanna be in 5 years? who do i wanna be? Man if you would have asked me that a year or 2 ago i would have had no idea at all and thats really sad. Now i acctualy know what i wanna do with my life. where i want it to go, and who i want to be a part of it. It took me a while to figure out that i was just screwing up and was hedding in the wrong direction. Hell I didnt wasnt to belive it. I was like oh im young i dont have shit to worry about, its not my problem. But in actuality it is my problem , its my life right and i have to do something about it. and i totaly am.
god im just ranting on
I just wanna say my life is pretty fucking awesome right now. Im sure it could be better. It does kinda suck being single and all but it does have it benefits as well, thats why im not complaining about being single and not trying to find a girlfriend. if its going to happen, and im going to find the right girl, it will happen.
I think what has gotten me thru so much is my friends and family. God i dont know what i would do without them. they have been the only steady thing in my life. I love you guys you all know who you are!

ok ill quit now im sure your bored as hell with this. i just had to talk to someone or i guess a journal... ya


i have more but ya ill do it later

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